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Welcoming any suggestions to do simulated replays of games that should have happened but didn't for one reason or another or for games between teams throughout history that you'd like to see.

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LeBron Goes to School

Sunday Night Challenge
Dungy vs. Harrison

1972 Jackson (MI) Parkside


1990 Chicago Heights (IL) Marian Catholic

Sunday Night Challenge-1972 Parkside vs. 1990 Marian Catholic
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1990 Marian Catholic stats

Illinois High School Football Greats
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L.A. City League Football Greats

Illinois Basketball Greats

1977 & 2007 High School Basketball Playoffs

Austin / Doc

1980 Maywood (IL) Proviso East  70
2011 Winter Park (FL)  66

1980 (IL) Proviso East vs. 2011 Winter Park (FL)
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California Regional Bowl matchups we wish would have happened

2006 NorCal Regional Bowl
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Sacramento Grant
Concord De La Salle

Daily Independent article by Mark Maynard on 1996 UK vs. 2012 UK
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1996 Kentucky vs. 2012 Kentucky
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California High School Hoop Greats
(click above to read how the 1968 Tarbabes captured the crown!)


1968 Compton  69
1958 Oakland McClymonds  64


1958 McClymonds
1968 Compton
Aaron Pointer             G        Dwight Taylor
Charles McKinney     G            Larry Morris
James Hadnot             C        Mike Hopwood
   Ed Thomas                  F      Tommy Campbell
 Paul Silas                     F        Larry Hollyfield

1st Team

Bill Walton - 1970 Helix
Bill Cartwright - 1975 Elk Grove
Jason Kidd - 1992 St. Joseph Notre Dame
Raymond Lewis - 1971 Verbum Dei
Curtis Rowe - 1967 LA Fremont

2nd Team

Tom Lewis - 1985 Mater Dei
Jason Collins - 1997 Harvard-Westlake
David Greenwood - 1974 Verbum Dei
Paul Silas - 1958 McClymonds
Stevie Thompson - 1985 Crenshaw

All-Name Team

Mission Labasan - 1982 Carson
Ainsley Truitt - 1968 SF Wilson
Chuck Moore - 1964 LB Poly
Woody Sauldsberry - 1952 Compton
Hassan Adams - 2002 Westchester

Boomer, BF & the Boys
(story by Jim Owen)

California High School
Football Greats

Thank you for following along!!
If you enjoyed the California Greats Football tournament, information is needed for about five more teams to perform a California Greats Basketball tournament that should start in January of 2012.

California H.S. Greats
(click above to read how 1969 Pasadena Blair became the big cheese, the head honcho, the top dog, etc.)

From the Rose Bowl in
Pasadena, CA

1969 Pasadena Blair Vikings  42
2000 Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits  35

Basketball Doubleheader

Game One:
Broadcaster Challenge

1974 Mason (OH)


1995 Tustin (CA)

Why would a highly ranked squad from Orange County be playing a team from Ohio that's 21-years their elder?
Because Dan Patrick (known as Dan Pugh back in the day) from Mason and Tustin's Doug Gottlieb get to leave the studio to battle on the hardwood.

1974 Mason (OH) vs. 1995 Tustin (CA) BB
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Mason takes the lead
(click above to listen)

Game Two:
Hoosiers vs. The White Shadow

1952 Hickory (IN)


1980 Los Angeles Carver

Thank you to Rob Curry (via Bill Simmons "The Sports Guy") for this suggestion.
Big Warren Coolidge, Hayward, Thorpe and yes, Abner Goldstein battle Norman Dale's legendary Hickory team.
Expect a three-point barrage by a certain sharp-shooting Husker.
Hint: the website is not named after Ollie McClellan.

1952 Hickory (IN) vs. 1980 L.A. Carver
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Hickory's "Shooter" causes a stir
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November 19, 1966.
Notre Dame (#1) battled Michigan State (#2) to a 10-10 tie, that left the sellout crowd in East Lansing and millions of television viewers pondering "now what?".
With no way to decide it on the football field, the chase for number one was left to the voters.

Now, we go back to that chilly, overcast afternoon in Michigan to decide it on the overtime...using
the current (2011) rules.

We do it to eliminate a championship decided by vote.
We do it for the fans who remember what may not have been a great game, but was certainly built up as "The Game of the Century".
And finally, we do it to give Irish coach Ara Parseghian a reprieve on his decision to "settle" for the tie.

As for undefeated Alabama, who finished 3rd in the final polls, your case for #1 may be addressed soon...stay tuned.

Notre Dame 25
Michigan State 19
in five overtimes!!

1966 ND vs. MSU - Overtime
(click above for story & box score)

Father's Day 2011

Jimmy Walker / Jalen Rose

1993 Michigan  88
1965 Providence  60

1965 Providence vs. 1993 Michigan BB
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1967 High School Basketball Crossword
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Crossword Answers

Acrophobia 1977
The remarkable story of one of America's greatest high school teams

By Mark Nale

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Looking For...

My name is Dean Prator, creator of the website. I have
been searching for basketball footage of Raymond at any level (Verbum Dei, LA State, or in a summer pro-league game) to post on the website.
If anybody has or knows somebody who might have this, please contact me at

Players (current and former), coaches (current and former), fans and historians of Pennsylvania on the link below and contribute your input to the list of state champions!

PA State High School Football Champions


Click on the link below to view some random yearly football and basketball polls from years past. The polls' rankings were done for the National Sports News Service by Art Johlfs from Minnesota. If anybody has football poll results from before 1959 for football, 1996 for basketball please
e-mail us and we will fill in the missing years.

H.S. Football Polls

H.S. Basketball Polls


Team Indexes

Listed in the link below are teams going back to the 1940s that we have enough information for to play simulations. If there is a match-up that you would like to see, please e-mail us and give us a little background (or not) about why you would like to see this simulation. If there are some teams that you would like to see included, let us know and we'll attempt to get information on them.

Basketball Team Index

Football Team Index 

Sports Heritage Publications
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Thanks to Tim Hudak

Using every available resource, Sports Heritage once again brings to life the tradition that is your school. Whether it is one particular sport or the whole program, we capture your school’s great sports history in an elegant coffee table book, one that features a complete and comprehensive compilation of the school’s athletic achievements.

   This site is dedicated to ahtletes who play for the love of sport. They're the ones who go to class and participate in school athletics without receiving a paycheck. The tournaments are not an endorsement of one team over another. They are a celebration of the team's accomplishments and hopefully will spark conversation and debate.
   With the Jimmy Chitwood name, don't be is more than just about Indiana High School Basketball. I plan on publishing numerous tournaments and info about past great High School and College teams. With that said, what sport's fan can forget the famous words..."Coach stays, I play. He goes, I go!"

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